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In today’s digital world, aligning your business strategy with the right technology is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. As your digital solutions provider, our team develops, implements or improves your website, syndicates your business intelligence strategy, customizes your software, and manages your IT network. We manage all aspects of your technology, so you can focus on your business. Partner with us and bring your vision to life. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Founded in 2017, Digit Simplified Solutions is helping businesses across industries implement and upgrade the technological capabilities that are required to be successful in the digital era.

Whether you require business intelligence solutions, custom software development, or managed IT services, we work within your timeline and budget. We approach every project as a partnership and our team of experts work diligently to understand the individual needs of our clients. Digit Simplified Solutions is committed to transforming your ideas into actions and adding value to your everyday operations and digital strategies.


But what makes us different?

Our holistic approach to technology solutions is a progressive framework that treats complex computer systems as the interrelated entities that they are. We develop solutions that allow clients to improve both their operations and productivity as well as their digital presence. Taking the view that an authentic solution involves implementing processes, roles, controls, and metrics as well as the right technology and software, we offer our clients a wealth of resources that go beyond simple service provision.

Digital Innovation

For every client with its unique requirements DSS geeks develop innovative solutions that are tailored to your strategic business goals. For every project, we assign dedicated professionals that have extensive experience delivering what you’re looking for – and we employ the specific technologies that are suited to your industry. What’s more, DSS geeks consistently seek out the newest applications, techniques, and tools, so you’re always on the cutting-edge of digital service delivery.

Information Delivery

Digital information systems are key determinants of organizational effectiveness. Knowing how to utilize emerging technologies gives you a competitive advantage and allows you to engage potential clients on their terms, which drives your profits and growth. In both our full-service and consultative packages, we educate our clients on the latest technologies and ensure they’re capable of managing what we implement long after the project is finished.

Business Intelligence Driven

We believe that customization means more than providing exclusive web and software designs. In order to make an impact on your margins, we take customization one step further. Employing business intelligence methodologies that analyze real-time data about your organization, our highly skilled market research team provides insights into your target audience. Knowing who you’re selling to allows us to make suggestions that cater to your audience’s wants, needs, and desires – so you can deliver what they’re looking for from the beginning.

Enterprise Agility

Developing long-term partnerships is an important aspect of our business model. It allows us to understand the needs of each of our clients on a fundamental level and to integrate the personality of your brand in everything we do for you. But we also understand that your business is a dynamic entity with ever-changing resources, processes, and goals. As such, we remain flexible with both new clients and long-term partners. You can always count on us to adapt our services according to your needs, budgets, and timelines.

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